News from Executive Director, Vickie Snyder

Seems like I owe everyone a big apology – no sooner had I turned in my February newsletter article suggesting we were halfway through the season with little snow, when suddenly we had one of the biggest snowfalls this season! Now it seems that every Sunday evening I am worrying about the weather and the safety of all my staff during these snow events, as they travel to and from DevonHouse. I have to say, one more time, how proud I am of all of those dedicated employees who make every effort to get into DevonHouse. I also owe a very BIG thank you to Ginger, Dolores and Jim, who not only made it in themselves, but who bravely made their way around the county, picking up staff who could not make it in on their own.

I’m looking forward to extra fun in March! We have to squeeze in our St Patrick’s Day events, the “first day of spring” celebrations, and our pre-Easter activities all into a few short weeks. And, don’t forget daylight savings time! Let’s just hope March goes “out like a lamb.”

As some of you know, we are in the process of renovating all of the bathrooms built before 2007 in several wings of the building. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience it may cause when we are ready to work in individual rooms.

Here’s hoping everyone – families, staff, and friends – continues to be safe and in good health as we BEGIN the END of winter.

News from Chef Jim’s Kitchen

In March we will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. We will have a buffet served at lunch on March 17th featuring traditional fare such as corned beef, potatoes, and cabbage.

Meanwhile, the Baker’s Club will hop ahead to Easter and color some Easter Eggs!

News from the Activity Department

Thanks to everyone who “shared the love” last month by donating pet food to S.O.A.R. (Starting Over Animal Rescue). Your donations will benefit many hungry foster animals.

Thank you to Phil Miller, Jr. for co-hosting our men’s lunches. This outside participation has been a great addition, and we extend the invitation to any other interested parties.

Spring is on the way! Don’t forget to Spring your clocks AHEAD before you go to bed on Saturday March 7th. Hooray!

This month we will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and begin to celebrate Easter. Easter is early this year, so we will be coloring Easter eggs, filling plastic Easter eggs for our hunt, and getting our pictures taken with the Easter bunny.

In addition to our regularly scheduled Tuesday Showtime, we will have some special entertainment this month. The Inner Circle Auto Group will be hosting bingo as well as challenging our bowlers to a tournament. Elvis will be in the building on Saturday March 28th and the Emmaus Baptist Academy Handbell Choir and Chorus will be here to entertain us with their Spring program to close out the month.

Please visit our events page for more information about our resident events and activities.