News from Executive Director, Vickie Snyder

Our long awaited spring is almost here. And I will assume all of YOU are as delighted as I am to see the grass that soon promises to turn to a beautiful green. Today before the snow had started to melt, I looked out and saw the most regal cardinal, languishing on a bare branch. I thought how wonderful it will be to see him in that tree in a few weeks when the flowers and leaves begin to bloom.

Spring reminds me that life, like the earth, rotates for all of us, bringing us back to this time of re-growth. It reminds me how lucky I am to be here with all of you, year after year. Thank you all for being a big part of my life.

Just in case we are fortunate enough to have some very sunny and warm days over the next month, be sure to limit your time in the sun. Remember, all of us have been bundled up against the VERY cold weather for about five months. Our skin needs short spurts of sunshine to get use to the ultra-violet rays. And, starting now you need to be adding more fluid to your body to keep up with the warmer weather.

Please enjoy the changes going on all around us! (Just make sure you drink water.) Happy Spring!

News from Chef Jim’s Kitchen

In April, we will be celebrating Easter. The traditional Easter meal of ham and all the fixings will be served at lunch on Easter Sunday.

In April you will start seeing seasona, changes to the dining menu. Also in April we will have a “Think Spring” lunch buffet to celebrate the arrival of Spring.

Bakers’ club will meet later in the month and we will be baking something exciting in keeping with our Spring theme.

News from the Activity Department

April showers bring May flowers. Spring and music are in the air! Devonhouse will be hosting seven live musical events this month: everything from the Happy Boombadeers to the Macungie Minstrelaires, and even a flutist!

We are also getting ready for summer with three new exercise classes, Tai Chi, Yoga, and Sit-ercise. These will be a bit lower intensity than our exercise with weights and dancercise classes. These classes are all senior friendly, seated exercises incorporating low impact movements. The benefits you will gain include enhanced posture, flexibility, range of motion, strength, and overall body awareness. If you want to experience an elevated sense of harmony and well-being, come out and join in on the fun!

Please visit our events page for more information about our resident events and activities.