News from Executive Director, Vickie Snyder

By now we have all had time to get out and enjoy the new patio at the bi-weekly lunches, Father’s Day picnic, the Emmaus Flower show, or with friends and family. I hope it is meeting your expectations and you find it as promised during your wait for reconstruction. By time you read this we will have added one more bench in the semi-circle to make more space for everyone.

The flower show was a huge success and I’m pleased that Rosemary Ebersole took great care in considering all of the residents while orchestrating this special event. The Emmaus Garden Club is fortunate to have such an energetic and compassionate person heading this event. Thank you for welcoming Rosemary to our community.

Thanks as well to Jim and his staff for the great food he served to the club and for having two large cakes available for the weekend event, and thanks to Melissa and Dolores for the assistance they provided in preparation for this event.

Now that we’re getting into July, which can be one of our hottest and most humid months, let me take this opportunity to remind all of you again to pay special attention to staying hydrated. This is very important when you are outside, but it is equally important to drink an extra glass or two of water before going outside or when you return. Please take advantage of all the shaded areas we provide.

Enjoy the warmth and stay safe!

News from Chef Jim’s Kitchen

We’re celebrating the 4th of July with an outdoor picnic. The menu will feature hot dogs with your choice of toppings, and a BBQ chicken sandwich. (Of course, you can eat inside, too, if you prefer.)

Our monthly theme meal buffet will be “Under Boardwalk.’ With Melissa’s decorations and my special menu items we’ll bring the beach to you!

Bakers club will meet later in the month in the activity room.

We have added several new menu items, including a summer salad offered weekly, more fruit options, and more new breakfast entrees. Hope you enjoy all the new options!

News from the Activity Department

Let’s go down the shore!

We are bringing the beach to you this month with our July “Beach & Boardwalk” theme.

Be “shore” to come to our Friday socials and enjoy some boardwalk-style treats. We will continue our theme with the ladies’ “Down by the Sea” tea. Bring your suntan lotion and your bathing suit! Even our horse race game has taken on a new twist this month.

Thank you for making our annual “Cookies for Kids’ Cancer” bake sale a success! The money we raised will help with pediatric cancer research.

Please visit our events page for more information about our resident events and activities.

Or, see more on our facebook page.