From The Desk Of The Executive Director

Wow, the cold winter certainly has been bone-chilling!

One can only hope that February’s weather will be more temperate than what we have experienced so far. Winter in Pennsylvania is a survival effort, at least this year!

We’re fortunate here at DevonHouse to have genuine warmth every day, from the sincere friendships of residents and staff. Friendships old and new alike are impervious to the cold weather!

Each of our residents makes a special contribution to the unique, rich, and warm landscape of our community. The cross-section of our residents offers a representation of Allentown and the surrounding area. During their careers, our residents worked for Mack Truck, Bethlehem Steel, Sacred Heart Hospital, Hess Brothers Department Store, Leh’s, Rickle’s Hardware, clothing mills, and many were owners of local farms.

They are truly the fiber of the Lehigh Valley. They have seen Allentown grow from a sleepy town surrounded by agriculture and a small amusement park called Dorney, to the busy metropolis it is today.

It warms my heart to reminisce with many of our residents and families who have become the fiber of the DevonHouse community. Spending each day with them is an honor.

Best Wishes,
Renee Ackerman


News from Chef Jim’s Kitchen

Allentown Senior Living Food and Beverage ManagerWe’re celebrating Valentine’s Day this month with a very special meal at the dinner hour on February 14th. Our cozy dining room will transform into a formal space with gifts for each resident, special centerpieces, and even a strolling musician! The menu features a shrimp entrée and chocolate dessert. Join us dressed up in your favorite red attire to celebrate!

We’re also celebrating Lent on February 13th, when we’ll serve up the famous Trexlertown Fire Company fastnachts (doughnuts).

Our Friends & Family Easter Brunch is just around the corner on March 18th, so please start planning now! Please make reservations at the front desk. All guests are asked to make their reservations at the 1:00 p.m. seating. Expect a visit from the Easter Bunny himself!

-Jim Nimas, Food and Beverage Manager


News from Activities

Allentown Senior Living Activities DirectorThere is so much to do in February: the Super Bowl, Fastnacht Day, Valentine’s Day, and Mardi Gras! We’ll be celebrating them all, with fun social events and great food from Jim’s kitchen.

It’s time to start keeping an eye on the living room monitor. As in prior years, we will begin live-streaming the bald eagle nest from Hanover, PA soon. The bald eagles usually lay their eggs around this time of year. It’s so much fun to watch the babies hatch and grow!

As if all of the fastnachts and Valentine’s Day chocolates aren’t enough February treats, we’re also hosting a Girl Scout cookie sale on February 19th from noon until 3:00 p.m. selling cookies. Time to stock up!

-Melissa Bartynski, Director of Activities

P.S. You can see more about the activities our residents enjoy on our facebook page. Schedule highlights for the month are here.