News from Chef Jim’s Kitchen

Allentown Senior Living Food and Beverage ManagerThere is so much to celebrate in February!

February food events kick off with the Super Bowl on February 7th. Join us in the living room, where we’ll have lots of snacks to munch on while you watch the game. Mid-month we celebrate Valentine’s Day with our annual Valentine’s Day theme meal, complete with red velvet cake for dessert, and Melissa’s decorations.

The second half of the month, brings Fastnacht Day, and I’m bringing in authentic Fastnachts for breakfast. Then, we celebrate Chinese New Year on February 18th, with a special Chinese food menu.

There’s more, too! Here are some other fun dining events:
– 2/4 Homemade Soup Day
– 2/9 Wellness Event: Heart Healthy
– 2/25 Pizza Day
And, that’s all in addition to regular Friday socials. Enjoy!

-Jim Nimas, Food and Beverage Manager

News from Activities

Allentown Senior Living Activities DirectorF is for February, and also football, flowers, and fastnachts!

Football first: the Super Bowl viewing party is on February 7th at 6:00 pm.

Our annual Valentine’s Day dinner on February 12th features flowers and more. This is always a highlight of the year. Dress to impress!

There’s also Fastnacht Day on Tuesday, February 16th. The last one up is the doughnut!

Finally, be sure to stop by the in-house bingo store on the last Wednesday of every month. This is your chance to cash in all of those bingo bucks that you collected from your bingo wins. We’re stocking goodies like toiletries, stationery supplies, and snacks. See you there!

-Melissa Bartynski, Director of Activities

P.S. You can see more about the activities our residents enjoy on our facebook page. Schedule highlights for the month are here.