News from Chef Jim’s Kitchen

Allentown Senior Living Food and Beverage ManagerThis month we are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a themed event on the holiday, March 17th. Get ready for hearty, authentic Irish dishes like corned beef with cabbage, and Irish stew.

We are continuing our fun Friday events in March, alternating wine and cheese socials and ice cream socials at 2:00 pm to kick off each weekend.

Here are more great dining events on the calendar this month:
• 3/4 – Meatball Day
• 3/15 – Cheesesteak Day
• 3/23 – Pie Day

With spring starting this month and warmer weather ahead, we will be changing over to our spring and summer menus. Get ready to enjoy some lighter seasonal fare!

-Jim Nimas, Food and Beverage Manager

News from Activities

Allentown Senior Living Activities DirectorIt’s time to “march” forward! Remember to set your clocks ahead for daylight savings time on March 14th. We may miss an hour of sleep, but that extra hour of light is worth it – sunnier days are ahead!

March brings us one of our favorite annual highlights: The O’Grady Quinlan Irish Dancers performance. The show is on for this year, but we’ll be doing it a bit differently. The dancers are offering us a virtual performance on March 16th at 2:00 pm. Be sure to join us in the living room. We can also replay the performance so that everyone can enjoy it!

On March 25th at 1:00 pm, Fox Rehab is hosting a “Fox Festival” to celebrate our five year partnership. Enjoy games, prizes, and refreshments.

As always, everyone is encouraged and invited to all of the programs we offer. The more the merrier!

-Melissa Bartynski, Director of Activities

P.S. You can see more about the activities our residents enjoy on our facebook page. Schedule highlights for the month are here.