Memory Care at DevonHouse: An Integrated Approach

image of smiling memory care resident

At DevonHouse, our focus is ensuring that each resident lives the most fulfilling life possible. We believe that memory care services should respect individual preferences and expression, while providing a comforting and supportive environment that fosters maximum independence.

Residents living with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other forms of memory loss are part of the whole DevonHouse community.

With a WanderGuard system throughout DevonHouse, our memory care residents actively socialize with the entire community while in a secure environment. Families can rest easy knowing that their loved one is safe and supported.

Our team learns about each resident’s preferences, past experiences, and talents, in order to create programs tailored to the individual. Memory care at DevonHouse includes an activities director dedicated to our memory care residents. Plus, our management team includes Certified Dementia Practitioners, and our entire DevonHouse team receives practical training on how to care for and interact with residents with memory loss.

Please contact us for additional details regarding our Memory Care program.