DevonHouse Senior Living Anticoagulant Medication Monitoring Program

The anticoagulant monitoring program at DevonHouse Senior Living is supervised by:

  • Licensed Nurses* on site 24/7, who understand the need for vigilance in monitoring and can communicate changes to the physicians immediately
  • Licensed Nurses who understand drug interactions that might increase or decrease blood clotting time
  • Licensed Nurses and highly trained staff who understand the side effects of anticoagulant therapy
  • Licensed Nurses who provide resident education on  why and how the medication works, and the importance of frequent lab tests and dose changes

The anticoagulant medication monitoring program at DevonHouse Senior Living includes these services:

  • Relationships with local labs in order to provide service to all residents regardless of insurance
  • Lab draws on-site
  • Free transportation to the lab if there is a need for STAT testing
  • Twenty-four hour immediate access to our pharmacy for new or changed orders.

*DevonHouse staffs on-site licensed nurses 24 hours a day, seven days a week.