DevonHouse Senior Living Diabetes Management Program

At DevonHouse Senior Living, we know there is more to managing diabetes than simply offering an NCS (no concentrated sweets) diet, and assistance with insulin. Our licensed nurses* and Diabetic Certified resident associates understand the need to differentiate between the types and levels of diabetes, and the importance of individual treatment planning. That includes:

  • Sliding scale insulin dosing
  • Diet planning and adjustments in diets
  • Blood glucose testing: routine and fasting with a goal of obtaining optimal blood glucose levels

Observation for signs and symptoms of:

  • A hypo or hyperglycemic event and ketoacidosis
  • A decrease in visual capabilities
  • Changes in circulation

DevonHouse Senior Living works with:

  • Local labs that are available for routine fasting and STAT blood glucose testing
  • Discover Pharmacy, which provides delivery 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • The latest, safest and most reliable diabetic supplies on the market
  • Licensed dietitians assisting in diet management and meal planning
  • Helwig Diabetic Center at LehighValley Hospital; Sacred Heart Hospital; and, St. Luke’s Hospital Diabetic Center

*DevonHouse staffs on-site licensed nurses 24 hours a day, seven days a week.