The DevonHouse Dining Experience

At DevonHouse, we recognize the special comfort that comes from home-cooked meal, and the importance of nourishing the body, mind, and spirit together.

Our Special Dining Programs

We’re proud of our long partnernship with CURA Hospitality. Their expertise and resources bring a dining experience that is like no other senior residence in the Lehigh Valley. Together, we provide true nourishment: excellent meals and treats prepared with respect and special attention to the unique emotional and physical needs of our residents.

Flavors of Home

Nutritious, appealing meals every day are paramount at DevonHouse. In recent years, a variety of cuisines have moved to the forefront of the food service industry, placing the dining experience in a new perspective. Our chefs and cooks continue to create exciting, new culinary delights every day, but we realize that a majority of our residents prefer traditional, flavorful homestyle meals. Their favorites include meatloaf, beef stew, baked chicken and roast turkey, along with a variety of traditional soups, salads, side dishes and desserts. The Cura Culinary Council has created “Flavors of Home,” a new program which allows us to provide consistent, high quality menu items to delight our residents with meals that have always been a part of their lives.

This collection of recipes enables our talented chefs and cooks to prepare a wide variety of traditional menu items for our customers. The recipes begin with high quality ingredients. Detailed step-by-step instructions ensure consistent preparation and presentation. Our recipes even feature a photograph of the menu item to make sure our culinarians fully understand the presentation and its importance.

Favorite Foods… Enriched to Enhance Health

Every resident deserves delicious and wholesome food at every meal. This is especially important for residents with decreased appetites who must consume the necessary calories and nutrients to maintain weight and cognitive ability. To meet this resident need, Cura Hospitality has established Enriched Foods℠, an innovative approach to nutrition therapy at DevonHouse.

Enriched Foods are comfort foods that residents enjoy the most, such as soups, hot cereals, creamy mashed potatoes, and pleasing desserts. These favorite foods are enhanced with only natural ingredients that maintain the flavor while increasing their nutritional value in calories, protein and calcium.

Enriched Foods, featured in a weekly menu rotation, are prepared from tasty recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They help reduce taste fatigue associated with supplements, while allowing our care staff to devote even more time to one-on-one care with residents.

Puree Creations: Real Food for Every Resident

While some residents may be restricted to a pureed diet, they need not be restricted from the look and taste of real food. Puree Creations is a program uniquely available from Cura Hospitality that transforms pureed food into real food…with the style and touch of a caring chef. Puree Creations brings such incredible eye appeal and delicious taste that residents can’t believe they are eating pureed food.

Puree Creations presentations are that good!

  • With Puree Creations, residents eat more, are better nourished and rely less on commercially produced oral supplements.
  • With Puree Creations, residents feel better about participating in the social aspect of mealtimes.

FarmSource® Supporting Local Producers

FarmSource is an initiative to find and partner with some of the finest growers and producers of food in our community. Through FarmSource, 20% of the food for our dining program is provided by local sources.


FarmSource produce is sourced within 150 miles of our local distributors. These growers are selected through farmer-based organizations.


FarmSource dairy products come from farms which are within 150 miles of the milk processing facility. These dairies are independently owned and operated by local farm families that choose not to treat herds with rBGH (bovine growth hormone). We purchase from these dairies because we believe in preserving the natural credibility of our milk supply.


FarmSource meat applies to regional meat producers. These facilities are USDA inspected and source their animals from farms that are within a three hour drive from the processing facility.


FarmSource artisan producers devote their time, energy and passion to a limited line of products that emphasize high quality and unique flavors as they craft their products. Often these producers have but a single product line produced at a single facility.